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If you are new to the area then we always recommend you inspire yourself with new ideas and you can do this by heading over to the Coventry TripAdvisor and you can browse the many different things to be doing from tourism to eating out, there are now over 86,153 reviews in Coventry of lots of places so you will have plenty of recommendations and get a great idea of what will be best suited for you and your Coventry escort.

If you would like to know a bit about the history and culture of Coventry then the best place for that would be the Coventry Wikipedia where you can really dig in deep and find all the information you need about this fantastic place.

Our Personal recommendation to you punters would be to take our Coventry escorts to a fantastic pub called “The Greyhound Inn” this place is fantastic with a great location and excellent food to keep you and your date going, this place is rated 4 and a half stars on TripAdvisor from 1,041 people.

Take you and your Coventry escort for a bite to eat at the wonderful Greyhound Inn.

Sutton Stop, Coventry CV6 6DF

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